Jewellery Care Guide

No piece of jewellery in the world is invincible.


It is always advised to take special care of fine jewellery to keep it in pristine condition. Handle your jewellery with care to prevent it from dropping, being scratched, or knocked while worn. A fabric lined jewellery box will be ideal for storage. Store your jewellery in separate compartments so that they do not get tangled or scratch against each other. Our branded Sincerely Simone jewellery boxes are not only impeccably made, but thoughtfully designed to protect your jewellery. Use them, love them and enjoy your Sincerely Simone creations for a lifetime!


Caring for Gemstones

As gemstones and precious metals are natural materials, do not let them come into contact with strong chemicals, including perfume, scents, creams, soaps, lotions and chlorine. If absolutely necessary, any perfume or scents should be applied and left to fully dry before the jewellery is worn. Otherwise, they should ideally be applied onto an area where jewellery will not come into contact with the skin.


If your jewellery comes into contact with dirt or any chemicals such as the ones listed above, gently wipe with a soft cloth or rinse under warm water. However, Pearl jewellery should not be immersed in water for too long so it is advisable to wipe pearls with a damp cloth and leave it to try before keeping them. This also applies to Mother of Pearl. As much as possible, try to avoid washing or rinsing your Pearl and Mother of Pearl jewellery as this may gradually wear out the special jewellery glue that helps to hold them down.


Ultrasonic cleaners cannot be used on certain gemstones. Please contact us if you have any questions about cleaning your Sincerely Simone jewellery.